Q: Where are you located?

A; We are located at 6801 Kenilworth Avenue Suite #300-S25 Riverdale, MD. Our studio is located on the third floor of the building at the Perfect Office Solutions space. We are in #25. The front desk coordinator can help you with finding our location within the Suite.

Q: Do I need an appointment to come in?

A: Yes, all of our services are by appointment only. We do often have same day appointments available. In order to book a same day appointment please call the shop during our business hours or book via our online booking system.

Q: How do I reschedule/cancel my appointment?

A: Rescheduling and cancelling can be done via our online booking system or by calling during business hours only as we are not available via text or Direct message. Please note that appointments canceled less than 24 hours in advance will be subject to a 50% service fee. No-show appointments will be charged a 100% fee.

Q: I want to book but I don't see the time I want available?

A: Please give us a call if the time you want is not available. Also check our instagram story for available appointments updated daily.

Q: I am going to be late to my appointment.

A: If you will be more than 5 minutes late for brows or 15 minutes late for lashes to your appointment please call to make sure that you can still be serviced or if you will need to be rescheduled to a later time or date.

Q: Where can I park for my appointment?

A: There is ample amounts of free parking surrounding the building. Please do not park in any restricted spaces. We are not responsible for any fines or parking associated with parking in restricted areas. 


Q: Do you offer a student discount?

A: Yes! We offer $10 off brow waxing for all high school or college students. This discount cannot be combined with other offers.

Q: What is tint Tuesday?

A: Tint Tuesday is our weekly free tint deal. Tint is free with any brow wax or tweeze service. This cannot be combined with any other offer

Q: What is Wednesday Best Brow Babes?

A: Every Wednesday you can bring a friend, who is a new client, for a complimentary brow wax service when you book a brow wax or tweeze service.

Q: How do I book your current promotions online?

A: When booking online, if there is not a direct booking option for a current promotion then the discounted amount will be added during checkout. Please feel free to call during business hours if you have any trouble booking.


Q: I am a new client, which service should I book?

A: We suggest that all clients book "Brow Wax" as their first service with us. After a brief consultation we will discuss additional options such as tweezing only or adding tint to your service. 

Q: How long should I grow out my brows before my first appointment and in between appointments?

A: We suggest a minimum of 6-8 weeks before your first appointment and 3-4 weeks in between each appointment.

Q: What type of wax do you use?

A: We use Satin Smooth's gentle Honey Wax formula.

Q: Do you offer microblading?

A: We do not offer Microblading or body waxing. For a list of services, please click here

Q: I am currently using medication, can I still be waxed?

A: Waxing is not recommended for clients using acne or skin medications such as accutane or retin-A. If you are unsure we recommend our tweezing only option.

Q: How should I prep for my appointment?

A: We suggest coming in makeup free with 6-8 weeks of untouched brow growth. If there is a specific shape you are interested in we always love to hear about it!

Q: Can you wax and tint over microbladed/tattooed brows?

A: Yes we can! As long as your brows are healed we can service you. Please note that we will need to work with your microblading or tattooing so the desired shape may be a bit different based on the condition of your brows.

Q: How can I make my brows grow?

A: This is a question we often receive! Brows are similar to any other hair on your body. There are many serums and brow growth regimens out there but none that we have personally tested. We suggest a healthy diet and vitamins for hair growth. Studies also show that massaging your brow area may stimulate growth. As with any hair growth, the key is patience! (And consistent appointments with us!)

Q: I have other questions regarding my appointment.

A: We would love to speak with you before your appointment! Please give us a call during business hours or send an email to


Q: Which lash service should I book?

A: We offer Classic Full Sets and Half Sets. A Classic set is 100+ lashes per eye. This look can be customized to give a natural or glamorous look depending on the weight and length we use. If you are unsure whether you would like a Classic or Half set we suggest booking classic so that there is enough time allotted for your appointment.  

Half Sets are great for clients who are unsure if they will have any sensitivity to the lash or adhesives used during application. A half set has only 45 lashes per eye and typically lasts 2-3 weeks.

Q: What is the upkeep for lashes?

A: Lashes require moderate maintenance. You will need to come in for a one, two or three week fill depending on your lifestyle. Lashes will also need to be brushed and cleansed daily. We sell a lash cleansing foam that can be purchased online or during your appointment for $12.

Q: Will lashes damage my natural lashes?

A: With proper maintenance, lashes will not damage your natural lashes. We will have a consultation before application to discuss what length and weight are best for the health of your lashes.

Q: What type of lashes do you use?

A: We use faux mink (silk and satin) lashes manufactured just for us!

Q: Do you offer mink lashes?

A: "Mink" refers to soft texture of lashes. Almost all lashes used today are made from Silk or Satin materials.

Q: How long can I wear my lashes?

A: We suggest only wearing your lashes for 4-5 months and then allowing your lashes a 4-6 week break.

Q: What type of adhesive do you use?

A: We use a semi-permanent bond adhesive cyanoacrylate that is gently formulated just for us!


Q: I am unhappy with my service, what can be done?

A: If you are unhappy with your brow service please contact us with your concerns via phone or email immediately following your appointment. Refunds are issued in the same method of payment within 3-4 days.

A. If you are unhappy with your lash service, please contact us with your concerns immediately following your appointment. Lash refunds cannot be issued over the phone. Please re-visit the shop so that we may address your concerns.  If your lashes are shedding faster than the typical shed time (10-30% one week, 30-50% two-three weeks) please contact us for a post appointment consultation. If you wish to receive a refund following the consultation, we will remove the remaining lashes (at no additional fee) and refund the amount paid via the same method it was paid within 3-4 business days. We do not offer refunds if you have picked a different style set during your appointment than you originally desired. 



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